[macOS Monterey] CTRL/CMD+Arrow functionality?

Not sure if I’m missing a trick here, I’m new to Mac and PL, but this is driving me nuts.

In filmstrip or library I can’t seem to select multiple images by selecting one then moving through by using CTRL( or CMD) + Arrow key. I seem to have to use CMD+Click on each one - is that right?

In Windows it is Shift-click so try that as I think it is there same on Mac but a Mac person should be able to confirm.

Thanks Keith - I think I’m getting my keyboard shortcuts muddled up. They made computer mice for people like me :slight_smile:

It could be Shift+Arrow I’m thinking of - I’ve tried various combinations though I’m sure. You highlight one, press a key or two PLUS the right arrow say and the pick moves through the filmstrip/ gallery in the direction chosen, selecting each thumbnail as it goes - when you have n selected you can apply whatever change/ paste/ action you wish on all of them at once.

I feel sure it must be there, it’s a universal method


To select contiguous files, use Shift+ click on the latest image of your selection.

To select non contiguous files, use Cmd+ click on every image you want to select.


Thanks Patrick - though no way to do it with the keyboard as I’ve described? Perhaps I’ll raise a feature request. Appreciated.

Not with the keyboard. This is standard MacOs selection facility, nothing special to DxO here, as many (all?) Mac softwares.

Shift-Arrow works in macOS Finder, Lightroom etc. Just not in PhotoLab.

In Finder

  • Control-Arrow focuses on the active window
  • Command-Arrow opens the respective app

Other apps do whatever their developers decided.

Thank you both - Shift+Arrow works in PhotoMechanic Plus 6 in macOS and I, for one, find it useful for applying metadata. As they are (generally) displayed chronologically I often find that location/ headline/ event etc. is the same. The same could be said for presets, or other corrections, that I want to apply to the same closely-related simultaneous subset of images in PL.

It’s no biggy, quite simple to Ctrl/Shift-Click. Appreciate your input.

No can do. It would be nice and my motion-memory fingers sometime want to do precisely this.