List of supported lenses, not just a query database

Wolfgang – thank you very much. I found the file, SQLlite opened it. I know have to figure out how to export the entire SQL database, not just one table, to a CSV file that I may open and browse in a spreadsheet application (I use LibreOffice for most things). A question: how often does using PL6E cause a query to the DxO server to update the local (C:/) CAFList6 file? (Presumably, PL7 will have a CAFList7 file, etc, into the future.)

Export the module table and replace the body id by the body name… from the body table. That’s a lot of work, but you might limit the table to the bodies you own or use.

The list is stored on your machine – per PL version. With that, why should DxO’s server be contacted, except when a unsupported camera-lens combination is detected and the user is going to download that ‘profile’?

There are two issues here.

(1) DxO has the needed module/s, the existence of these are in the database, but the actual module has not been downloaded to the platform on which the workflow is done.

(2) DxO has added support for cameras/bodies/lenses that are for PLn (n currently is 6), are in the current database file on the DxO server/s, but is not in the (now obsoleted) database file on the workflow platform.

You address (1) above. What about (2)?

note – while I know my way around, I’m no database specialist or else

In Windows with this configuration → (check box on)

you get informed with a download window, as soon PL detects in the opened folder a pic, taken with a camera / lens you can download a profile for

I have it unchecked, but get notified as soon I hover the image in question to then decide …

The database is updated as need arises. Here’s what was added lately:

Maybe it’s time to stop wondering and to start discovering things yourselves, it’s no black magic.