Les fichiers Pure raw sont sombres

Quand je convertis un ficher raw fait avec ma Canon eos R5, tout le fichier s’assombrit considérablement. J’aimerais conserver le même degré de luminosité que mon fichier d’origine mais je ne sais pas comment faire.

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PureRAW should not change overall brightness of an image, and if it did, it would probably be brighter because of vignetting correction. Some images can get slightly brighter or darker, I suppose that is due to something like smart lighting - if it is built into DPR at all.

Can you attache examples of before/after? As a new user, you’re limited in the number of attachments, but you might also post a link to a shared volume.

converted with DPP only as.jpg
Converted with Pure raw only
Here are 2 examples. #1 converted from DPP only
#2 converted with pure raw

In another thread :
Canon EOS R5 conversions are dark

someone has raised the same problem as the one I mention here.
And DXO pure raw does not seem to have a fix to this situation.

Okay. I propose you follow the existent thread and/or get in touch with support.dxo.com.