Latest Nik release and Affinity photo

Hi All,
I notice that the latest mailshot from DxO mentions that the Nik Collection is now compatable with Affinity photo and Luminar.

Could anyone confirm this please.

Thanks, Esay

Work fine with luminar 2018 and luminar 3 (some issues with analog and viveza).
With AP it still work better than the old google version, keep files in srgb or adobe1998 to minimized color shift ( not sure about viveza, been working weird colors for so long that I forgot about it).

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No problems on a Mac

the Nik Collection has been used for a long time with Affinity Photo, but it’s been a long time since there’s been an unresolved color problem.

Reminds me why I was arguing with Sankos about just working in sRGB despite its limitations.

Its like color pencils, 24 or 60 in a box, it all depends on your needs.

You work as you wish. Others may want to do otherwise.

I remember reading that they updated compatibility issues with Affinity for MAC with the last update. For Affinity Photo for Windows it is still the same and besides the issues with Viveza there are a number of functions that work in PS, but are not available in the Affinity Photo for windows version. There are some really good tutorials out there for NIK on PS and they show things I do not have.

i paid for the initial purchase and again for the update because I like NIk and DxO to stay alive, but it is getting expensive and at some point I do like to see something in return and that hasn’t really happened yet. So the next update has to be good for Affinity Photo on Windows users.

Go ahead, work in a larger colour space, with inaccurate colours. Of course it would be great if the colour space issue is fixed. I agree.

Until then, it’s nicer to get some photos finished though, which sRGB allows as almost every imaging program recognises and handles sRGB in the same way.

sRGB is not the answer to the problem Affinity Photo has with plug-ins. Go ahead and do the test I posted at the Affinity forum and you’ll see that the embedded matrix or LUT profiles are not respected at all – you might not notice this if you work with an sRGB image on an “sRGB monitor” but the underlying issue is there.

In the meantime, I have no such issues with ProPhoto RGB or Adobe RGB or sRGB files using other applications to launch the Nik Collection plug-ins, or using them in the standalone mode. The embedded profiles are respected, and so is the monitor profile – the whole colour management path works and allows you to make use of larger working colour spaces if you wish to.

That’s good news. It looks like you’ll have to look for another application to host Nik Collection plugins though. It’s not DxO’s responsibility to code alternate colour space compatibility into Affinity Photo.

Yes, this is totally up to Serif to correct their plug-in engine. Meanwhile I can output my raw files as 16-bit Adobe RGB tiffs directly to Nik from PhotoLab using the “Export to application” method, which works fine.
Otherwise one can drop the photo onto the Nik shortcut icon, bypassing the need for a host application.

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