Just some things i ran in to working my images and got stuck in working out a solution

things i encounter learning DxO Photolab. I appreciate the fact that DxO Stafmembers encourage feedback to improve DxO Photolab. And this are some things i run in to which maybe already posted here in a different way:

  • copy paste correction function for images: all or nothing kind of tool. i can’t find selection before pasting (afterwards undo the ones you don’t want is possible but i would like a “copy”, select those who i want to paste on a other image, and apply. (non selected tools are not overwrite the same tools by the paste on the next image.) So “copy/selective” command which allow me to select the things i want to paste on a particulair image or images.
  • somehow i can’t detect which “preset” is applied on a image. (clicking on the preset you want means back to default of that preset and start over.) It would be great to use some of the left space on the top bar for info display about which preset is used in the beginning, (or just mark in the preset list with a blue framework the selected one.) This way you can check your starting-point wile adjusting.
  • in the color(rendering) department:A color controller which allows me to choose some possible presets like blue-sky emphasis/enhancement, or sunset or landscape green or … and fine tune from there with the sliders or something , maybe a round colorspace?. So you can simply enhance/improve the wanted effect. (again it could be already there and i can’t find it or just don’t know how to get that effect.)
  • highlight control, now i can use smartlighting, constrast sliders in highlight/midtones and selective tones to get my colors in the bleeched blown area’s. (this workes fine/does a great job most of the time) somehow i can’t find a way to control the Chroma-luminance and saturation-hue of bright/bleeched area’s on a global way. (is this the protected saturated colors slider in colorrendering?)
  • A cloning tool with a control from where the repair information is taken from? So i can actual control the source of the stamp. (sometimes the repair magictool is “misbehaving” and controlled cloning is then the only solution)

Hello @OXiDant,

Thank you for the feedback and suggestions. #2 and #5 are already in the backlog. All the rest we will discuss inside the team.

Thank you
Svetlana G.

Hello Svetlana, your welcome, as i said earlier i do like the fact that DxO actualy sees remarks as positive feedback and use it as fuel for improvement.
Thank you

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You are welcome. And from now you can post the requests directly here - About the Feature requests category and people can vote for them.

Svetlana G.

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Hello Svetlana,

is the feature request category public now? Because I do not see it on the left side. Or is it because there is no entry yet? This would be strange either, because I created a request to support Affinity some days ago, which was moved somewhere.


Hello Arthur,

Well, yes it’s public - https://forum.dxo.com/c/dxo-photolab/feature-requests Can you access it?

Ah yes, maybe put it as a visible category on the front page, so that people know about it. And move the Affinity request there, so that public users can vote for it. Or should I recreate the request there?

Ah, for the first point, never mind, I understand now that there is afeature request category for each product.

Hi @Asser ,
and there is already an Affinity request for Nik that you can vote for:


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Ok, thanks, done.

Then this maybe a duplicate and possible to remove now: [REQUEST] NIK Affinity Interoperability

Yes, the Feature Requests sections are separate for PhotoLab and NIK.


P.S. I’ll remove it ([REQUEST] NIK Affinity Interoperability) a bit later as there are several posts there.
Svetlana G.

Nice step to have a public and voteable feature request board.

Now maybe public betas could be introduced at some time, so that the EA membership becomes obsolete and you get a much broader test base. Then you would be on par with the competition there. :slight_smile:

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