Issues with DCP/ICC profiles

Hello DxO team ! :slight_smile:

I have DxO Photo Lab v.3.2.0 build 4344 and it does not seem fixed. :frowning:

See an exemple below:

DxO Photo Lab v.3.2.0 build 4344
Default preset, except ‘DxO Smart Lighting’ set to ‘off’ and ‘Color Rendering’ set to an imported DCP profile
Export to sRGB
DCP profile has been generated with Lumariver Profile Designer v.1.0.6 and the ‘black substraction’ tag enabled

Thanks for the feedback. Could you provide .dcp corresponding to the result you posted (and even better, 2 dcp, one with black subtraction tag enabled and the other without)? Thanks a lot.

Envoyés en MP. :wink:

Merci beaucoup !

:weary: my bad !

Pas de nouvelle ?

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