Issues with control points

I have installed version 4 on my Mac with Catalina operating system.
I can’t get my control points to work with Silver FX.
I can make the selection and adjust the size but no drop down menu with controls allowing me to make adjustments.
Any help would be appreciated

You’ll need to get acquainted with the new interface in Silver Efex 3. The control point adjustments are no longer anchored to the control point itself. Instead, you’ll find them where you find global adjustments.

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I have the same issue, and submitted a help request to Tech Support. I suppose it’s a bit confusing because ONLY Silver Efex and Viveza were updated for Nik 4.0. Hence, the Control Point selections remain the same for all other Nik tools; they’re just not available (as noted) in these two updated tools.


The U-Point interface has been redesigned. All the adjustment sliders are available in the right hand panel. Eventually all the Nik modules will work the same way.


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I thought something went awry with my install, so I re-installed :wink:.