Is the Nikon D100 really supported?

I have a significant number of photos taken with a D100. Every piece of software I’ve tried loads these NEFs just fine except for PL2.

So I opened a ticket with DxO and was told their modules are created using extremely precise measurements and that my files must have been edited in some way or “been through another program." I.e. they’re no longer bit-for-bit how they originally came off the camera and, therefore, not gonna work.

Well, these files are indeed old and I can’t remember everything that might’ve happened to them. I don’t remember ever using anything destructive that would’ve written to the RAW file (did something like that actually exist?) but whatever. I closed the case.

Yet my desire to understand what’s going wrong and how I might fix it persists. So I downloaded a sample D100 RAW file from Wouldn’t you know, PL2 won’t accept that file either: “This image cannot be processed because of an uknown error. It may be corrupted or in an unsupported format.”

Has anyone successfully loaded a D100 RAW file in PL? Or, as I’m beginning to suspect, is PL’s support of the D100 only theoretical and not actually tested?

Hello @blavis,

Could you, please, provide me with some images for the analysis? You can upload them here under your name (instead of a ticket number) and let me know when ready.

Thank you
Svetlana G.


PhotoLab support Nikon D100 only in jpg (at that time Optics Pro wasn’t a raw converter yet), not in RAW. We started to support RAW for Nikon D200.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Okay, at least now I know. What’s strange is PL determines the correct camera + lens and loads what appears to be the right module. I guess there’s other stuff missing beyond the module itself for proper support.

Too bad because I’ve got a few D100 shots that could really benefit from PRIME noise reduction.


Anyway, thanks for clarifying.

On Nikon D100 we don’t have a mechanism to differentiate RAW and JPG for cafs.
We have that mechanism when we have different cafs for RAW and JPG images, when some correction, usually distorsion, is applied on JPG images but we don’t use it in our rawconversion (we prefer to do our own profiles). It’s typical for hybrid cameras. In that cas we have 1 module for JPG images and 1 module for RAW images for each lens.

But for Nikon D100, as we don’t support RAW files, modules are only for JPG.
These modules are not specified to be JPG only (PhotoLab already reject RAW files) that’s why you can see them as we look to Exif information identical in RAW and JPG.