Is it possible to sell my license for Photolab6 to another private person?

Sorry, is only telling you how many activation you’re allowed to. Just install the program and use the existing activation key. You can do that 2, Essential, or 3 times,Elite.


PS. Reading your question again it was the right answer.


Partial quotes from a question out of context? Are you a bot?

Than I don’t understand you. DxO offers you that possibility. If you want to use it 4 times you’ll have to buy another install.

Just forget it.


Ok, I’ll try to ask in a differnt way: Can someone describe a real life situation, where a user of DxO PhotoLab is limited by 3 activations?

What I was not abe to find on the DxO website (FAQ/Help files) is a description of the deactivation procedure which is mentioned in this thread.

When I switched from Windows (PC + Surface 2-in-1) to Apple (iMac + MacBook) I had to contact support for additional activation.

Is that the same as asking an example when one does need more than 3 activations?

From what I know activation is done by setting a flag in the windows registry. I don’t know about Mac. And that pc is registered at DxO. Otherwise it will be impossible to keep track on the activations. So deactivation is done the other way. You will still have the program on your disk but it will not work.


Thank you. Yes, this is what I meant. An example many users can be faced with, especially as MS seem to be trying make using Windows more like using macOS (whilst also increasing the downsides of using Windows).

@George thanks for elaborating. Yes, I could have simply asked “When do you need more than 3 activations?”(I’ll consider this for future questions) and also yes, under Windows likely the registry and some hidden licence file.

Back on topic - we also know the answer to the question in the subject is no. I would still like to know if @Eigil_Skovgaard made any progress in any way.

I now have way too many posts in this thread that are also off topic.

Change of worstation for a new one.
Workstation breakdown during tight production deadlines.
Anyway when you stop to use for any reason a station and have to replace it by an other.

No you can’t transfer your licence to someone else - that’s pretty much what a “licence” is! (think driving, gun, or dog)
You can however put the software on your grandchild’s computer. Just install it, uninstall from you current machine and drop support an email. Job done.
I have transferred my license between a number of machines no problem.
With your life time licence you get to install on two machines anyway.
In any case it is undoubtedly extremely good software with a huge following, so maybe watch a few tutorials before dismissing it.

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Chakonari, I will not make further attempts to install it on another computer, until I know if I can have it deactivated in a reasonable way.

Based on your experience, I will try DxO’s support once more and suggest a more civilized deactivation.
Thank you for your moral support. Will be back with the result.

After having enjoyed your obvious bulls eye observations I would like you to elaborate on your statement above.
That is not what I got from support - The following is:
First I would have to download and install a software that allows Support to enter my computer.
Then I would have to offer a number of time intervals when I would be available.
Then support would contact me and search my computer for a - what?
Whatever - after that surgery, I would probably be approved to have my money back.

But maybe you know somebody in DxO who can facilitate the process?

Thank you all. I’ll give the installation on the other computer another try. Right now I am thinking of, how to get the best out of my mistake. Hope I haven’t discouraged anybody. My attitude towards Photolab6 is the same as for Adobe ACR, which I subscribed to for years. My mood is caused by this mix of opportunistic sales policy and actually less optimal features for editing. But that’s how it feels right now. It will probably feel less foolish in a couple of weeks.
Thank you for your kind answers.

Yep bullseye. I’m a straight shooter. We hope you find some solace in the application and can somehow appreciate all of the things it does so well, and that’s a very long list.

Not sure who responded to you and said “we need to get on your machine”. A key can be activated 2 or 3 times (version dependent). After that support has to intervene for a subsequent activation. Self de-activation has been mentioned previously as a pain point and I suspect will be implemented. Someday. For now, you have to contact support. Go see what else is out there. Each application is going to have its strengths and weakness. DxO has proven itself consistently. This is one of the most important measures I use to rate software.