Implement DXO ViewPoint in CAPTURE One

Hello I suggest to implement DXO VP in Capture One beacuse the software is poor of lens correction. Further more dxo plug in would be buy from many architectural interior photographers to make some more correction avoiding Photoshop!
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What do you feel is lacking with the lens correction tool in Capture One that Viewpoint can do better?

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Hi Louie

  1. Complete list of wide angle lens correction
  2. Warp any part of your image
  3. fix wide-angle stretching
  4. Indipendent straight line

Which software is “poor of lens control”, @ctognozzi ? And what do you mean by “poor”? Badly done profiles or not the profiles of the lenses you’re using (= not enough profiles)?

I used DxO including VP for a while and had a couple of unpleasant surprises, especially when it comes to EXIF confusion within the L-mount system. Today I’d say it very much depends on the hardware (lens and body) you’re using. And if DxO doesn’t offer the profile for a specific lens/body combination (this combination thing is also another hinderance) , there’s no (in C1 possible) fallback to the lens’ inbuilt profile. With my stuff I’m better off with C1, others who use only genuine camera manufacturer lenses will tell a different story, but there’s no way to generalize like “DxO makes better profiles than C1”.

And even if that would be true, it would not include the warranty that a new lens is supported any time soon by DxO.

For instance, there was an announcement to support the not very new anymore Sigma 14/1.4 in February 2024. First, announcements are not facts, second, I own that lens since July 23. So, using DxO VP I would have to wait half year instead of happily using the inbuilt profile ever since.

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Using DxO apps as plugins in other apps…might be convenient indeed…but as of today, we can always use DxO apps as a preprocessor of those other apps. I do that and find that it easily integrates in my workflow.

While I can understand that DxO is trying to reserve its “key technologies” to its own products, it might be a smart move to offer those technologies to others in whatever contractual relationship ever. Technical hurdles can be taken relatively easily, the hard part is in the brains of the persons behind those who negotiate the contracts.

In the sense of keeping an open mind to alternative scenarios, I’ll add my vote, although in a wider sense than what the thread’s title implies.

true, many software use the open source database for the correction like lensfun to add lens profile and i believe C1 use this, AP use it, ON1 maybe? but looking at lensfun website latest news were early 2022 so the database might had move elsewhere.

C1 says =

“The majority of these lens profiles are created by a specialist team at Capture One”

now they are not saying 100% though