I guess there's no way to change the traffic light tag colors?

Red is reject and green is a pick but since I’m colorblind (red/green) they look the same to me. In other applications I’ve changed the colors to yellow/blue.

I can make do with star ratings but a simple go, no go would be easier.

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Hi Tom,

I will support your request to be able to personalize the colors.

@sgospodarenko can you check this please ? Eventually move the thread to « feature request » for a near future release ?

Great, I really appreciate it. Thank you.

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Until this is implemented have a look at this article. This photographer is talking about a special pair of glasses he uses.

I am also slightly red/green colorblind and the state of picked and rejected ‘buttons’ is far harder to see than it should be.

The states are mutually exclusive and there are two buttons so you don’t need color to see them.

The problem is more that the off state brightness is about the same as the on state. The off state brightness being the same as the the star rating ‘buttons’ would solve the problem even for the completely colorblind.

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  • Done, guys. You can vote now.

Svetlana G.

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Thanks, that’s an interesting read. Initial editing in black and white is something I’ll try.

I have a pair of the Enchroma sunglasses and, for me, the change is very subtle. It needs to be a bright sunny day before I can see the colors any better. I do like them, though, as they’re better than nothing. Not much good indoors though.

Yes, or just a thumbs up or down.

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A good user interface should not rely on color alone to distinguish among options. The shape should also be used; for example a verified mark :white_check_mark:versus a reject mark :x:. The contrast and color of the marks should be distinctive.