I can not install in OS HighSierra

I can not install in my Mac. Without firewall, as admin, after shutdown the hard disk,… neither free test versión nor buyed version

Anyone more with this problem?

Are you running any antivirus software?
When you say 'cannot install" what error message do you get?

There is not antivirus.
Te he message: mistake un registry. Contact with technical support

Many thanks

Hello Ricardo.

We are working on it, but in the mean while could you try this in a terminal and relaunch the installation ?

On U.S. keyboards, the ` character is just above the Tab key.

Thanks for your help.


Thank you for your answer, but is odes nor work

After copy the instruction in a terminal, I have relaunch the iMac and I have tried install the application; the message is the same: mistake in registry; contact with technical support of DXxO

This is a mysterious; I install others applications without problems…

Many thanks


Thanks @Ricardo.

We are currently retrieve and compute information from users having your problem.
We are trying to find a clue why it happens on some users and not others.
Anyways thanks for your tests.


I have the same issue.
And I have no idea what to do.

I hope the thecnical team will solve in the next days. For me, Nik is important in my worflow. Sure!!

Can you install other dxo products like film pack or ?
I also want to purchase other products but I am afraid I will fail to install again so I am hesitated.

Hi. You can try with the test version.

Similar problem here. No apparent snags in the installation to MacOS High Sierra. Works fine in LR Classic. However, in PS CC always get this:

"Could not complete the Color Efex Pro 4 command because of a problem with the filter module interface.

This continues after uninstall /reinstall of both programs. Frustrating because I was able to work (with difficulty) around the crashes in PS that I was getting before I updated. Any ideas?

Did you try to DL the last version?

We 're released a new version yesterday, this one should fix you problem.
I’m advised you to uninstall the previous version before install the new one.

And notice that the problem should be a a rights problem if you write this command line in the terminal :
ls -l ~/Library/Preferences/ | grep ‘DxO’
You should see something like “where XXXXXX must be your user acount” :

drwxr-xr-x 4 XXXXXX staff 136B Jun 18 18:39 DxO/


No change here at all. Same behavior in PS - a complete NOGO - No filters are usable even after a seemingly normal install. Also, a bit more on rights (permissions?) problem. The last email was not easily understood. Anything else coming down the pike?



Sorry. Ay this moment I am on trip so I can not try it