HSL - Hue option please

Under HSL, the options are Saturation, Luminance, Uniformity. If you want to change a color into a different color, I would like to have a Hue option with access to a color palette.

Local Adjustments have a hue option.

Thank you

Ability to change a colour to a different colour is precisely what the HSL allows … like this;

Either; select one of the colour channels (say, Red) image

Or; use the “Hue Picker” to select a colour from your image image

– and then use the colour wheel handles to shift the hue image

John M

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Many thanks, John.
Clearly user error :slight_smile:

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No problem …
Note: You can also use the “colour definition handles” image to refine the base-colour selection


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click / hold Crtl + click / hold one of those “points” to see the selection for the chosen colour