How to remove a custom palette

I am using Photolab 4.3.6. I created a user palette and now I want to remove it. I am not having luck trying to figure out how to remove the custom palette I created. Does anybody know how to remove a custom palette?

Using Photolab on windows 11



It’s very easy/simple to do so, EJ …

But steps depend on where you’ve placed your custom/user palette.

Suggest you post a screenshot and tell us which part of the workspace you wish to remove.

Just did so …

Created a new user palette in PL4

which I called LIGHT 2 and added Exposure Compensation.
Screen Shot 07-02-24 at 07.11 AM

To remove the palette I simply right clicked on the header and → deleted it.
Screen Shot 07-02-24 at 07.12 AM

BEFORE you manipulate, save the workspace so you can refer back to it … just in case.


Thanks for the suggestions. I tried right-clicking on the “jpegs” palette, but nothing happened

. Here is a screenshot of the Palettes. I am trying to delete the “Jpegs” palette. I do not know where the custom palette is stored on the hard drive. When I created it, I was not offered the opportunity to save it to a designated spot on the hard drive.

Look in the palettes on the right, not the left.

Ok, Now I get it. I am slow, but at least I am slow and consistent !

Thanks for the help.