How to delete workspace

The name of one of my workspace is “Persönlich”, now DXO can’t handle the umlauts “ö”. I also can’t delete that workspace anymore. What can i do?

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Hello @sgospodarenko / Svetlana
I can confirm this on Mac…the one with the German Umlaute I can’t select or delete, the one without Umlaute there is no problem
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This must be something with the input dialog when saving the workspace. If I go to where the workspaces are saved on disk…

… but if I rename the file…

… then PL works fine…

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It’s not just Umlaute, it’s the same with any accent…

for Café…

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Dear Joanna,

I’ve checked your workaround and it works (which I never had any doubts about)

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umlauts I could understand. I also could understand if PL was am American software, as these guys only know their own alphabets. But a French software company…? What do they drink after lunch? Latte? I really thought we overcame that font mess with unicode…

…who is unable to include é, è, à… that exist in French?

Nevertheless, the correct name is in the preferences file…

Oui oui, et manger leurs œufs le matin quand parler avec Noël ou Anaïs (très simple sur un clavier suisse, mais les trémas sönt träs düür). I still wonder which language has an abréviation for “there’s a workaround for every shortcoming”, spellt DxO? :thinking:


Oh that’s great, tnx Joanna
Im a new Mac-User, can you tell me where I can find it and what exactly i have to change on my Mac Book Pro? :slightly_smiling_face:

You can’t change anything that will make it work all the time - it is a bug in PL5. Just use the workaround I show in this thread. If you cannot see the ~/Library folder, in Finder, just press Cmd-J and you will get an options dialog with a checkbox where you can show or hide it.

@sgospodarenko could you please bring this to someone’s attention? Or do I need create a proper bug report?