How many of you uses a big or dualscreen mode and hoe many is working on tablet/laptop?

Single screen, 27inch 5K (iMac)

  1. I have a big 32" 4K Eizo screen and I use it as one big monitor with my program or app running maximized.

For PhotoLab I use it full screen.


I have a big 32" 4K and a smaller 28" 2K screen.
The 28 "screen is only for the image browser…

I have a single 24", 16:10 aspect ratio, monitor. I would love to attach a second monitor so I could float the palettes on to that. The problem is not hardware, it’s domestic :grinning:



That’s why i have two different screens, i buy a new one every new pc. and as with TV’s bigger every time :joy:
DELL P2314H (1920x1080@60Hz)
DELL E178FP (1280x1024@60Hz)

i am thinking ahead for when i buy a new system, why would i need a 4k? and most are 27" or bigger at 400,- euro or higher. and a non 4k but 1440p (quad HD) is 299,-
i almost need a bigger desk!
I am not in “the business” so the photorealcolor calibrated highend screens arn’t justifiable.

Working with my 23" as main screen it’s crowed with dxopl’s workpalette on the sides and i use my second as a dump place for webpag. andfoldersearching.
Because floatingcommand isn’t returning with docking command on the same spot, annoying, i am seldom use it. i mostly “close” tabs/palettes by hand and hide filmstrip when i need a bigger “view”

The Bigscreen workers, special the 4K one’s are having a much smaller letter/graphics and thus less % of the screen filled with the tools and other pallettes, ergo more room for the actual image. and it’s covering more image on 1:1 (my camera is 16Mp so nearly 4K native)
On the other hand you need a big 32" to read the words without a loupe :wink:

So if most are using a FHD twoscreen setup or a bigggg profi screen then DxOstaff can fix the workspace setup with some new tricks:

  • float/dock in same origin place and size. (so i can hit float for a bigger view and it float towards my second screen wile “dock” is placing it back on the original spot and size.)
  • A close all palettes to default button, (you can in and out on workspace to do so but hence a simple button to get this would be great.)

(curious how many are working with a spread out floating palettes setup. lots have there workingspace personalized
But only a few are using a twoscreen setup.

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Single screen; DELL U2412M with unusual ratio: 1920x1200 … which is great for working with PL.

John M

Single screen LG 2750 with color calibration and HD resolution 1920x1080.

When I tried to add under Win 10 a second monitor, it was a disaster.
First attempt: a smaller resolution CRT addition scrambled the icons on the main HD monitor.
Second attempt: a same resolution 24" HD monitor also scrambled the icons and stretched the background image to 3840x1080 pixel, looks awful. ( in the WIn XP and 7 it was allowed to designate separate background images to each monitor. In Win 10 it is not supported anymore.)
Third attempt: add a 4k touchscreen monitor in Extended mode. The worst solution. The TeamViwer images shrink on both monitor to 1/4 size, impossible to read the remote PC content, not configurable anymore; till the next Win 10 restart - without 4k monitor connected. The touch screen function on the main screen active only, in spite of the secondary screen has touch screen capability. I GAVE UP.


P.S.: I’ve chosen an LG TV, because its color fidelity is usable for photo editing, meanwhile in the top right corner sometimes I can watch TV in the background. It is simple comfort factor. On the other hand, the TVs having more input connector than only monitors. I have 2 HDMI, one SCART and one VGA for other PC connections.

Sounds as something i need to be keen on when buying a new screen.

If getting multiple screens, I would recommend a multi-screen desktop stand that is VESA compatible.
For example:

Others are available

I have a Wacom Cintiq which works create in desktop extend mode. It’s the 16 inch version, I wish I had bought the next size up :sob:

I use a Dell M4800 mobile workstation with a 15.6 inch screen. I packed up all my desktop gear last year to make room in our downsized house we bought after retirement.

27 inch QHD (2560x1440), Win 10 at 100% scaling. Best compromise as you still get a decent size of image when viewing say web photos around 1,000 pix at 100% without having to use 200%+ enlargement.

Two screens - a Dell U2414H which is my main screen, and a Dell E207WFP which is my secondary screen. When using PhotoLab in “Customsie mode” my dual screen setup is to have only the image on the main screen - with all palettes, and the filmstrip, on the secondary screen.

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Dual monitors–NEC for the primary screen and ASUS for secondary.

Single 32 inch

24" and 27" screen

I use a 30” 21-9 screen. I find my self moving my head left or right (to obtain a clearer view)too often. Perhaps a curved monitor would be better. I may add an additional smaller monitor in the near future.

I some places where i visit they have a curved 21-9 screen. it looks create.
Somehow i like separate frames so a two setup.
one for main work and view and one as “side table”.

This sounds as a great option both FHD ?
Are you spreading the workspace of DxOPL on both or do you use the secondscreen as “sidetable”
webbrowsing other windows and such.
And the 27" as editing screen?

WOHW! as a normal 16-9 or as 21-9?

that’s almost a fullblown TV, 4K?