How can I transfer my Workspace to other macs?

Hi (BTW am a long time user, just new account)

I am used to using my own workspace and need to transfer it to (a) my wife’s MBP 15" as it is now the only portable we have to take on hol (b) local Mac user group MBP for quick talk/demo of Photolab

Any ideas how I do this. Setting up from Standard workspace takes too long

have a look here:

Software configuration at the bottom


Hi Sigi - thanks a lot, that does it!

Also I am so pleased to see this range of tutorials having given up on tutorials some time back when they all seemed to be videos. Will have a look at the one on Local Adjustments too, as that is anotherarea where I have pretty near given up, finding it so much easier to export to Nikon Capture NX2


The “Workplaces” folder can be found in a folder within your user account:
“username”/Library/Application Support/DxO PhotoLab vX/
Copy the folder “Workplaces” to the corresponding on the MBP.

If you cannot see the Library folder: Press < Shift >< cmd >< . > to see hidden objects. Press the same key combination again to hide hidden objects again.


Thank you too