History panel?

Does DXO have any plans to incorporate a history panel that links to sidecar data?

I have been editing for over a solid month now and one annoyance I keep running into is going back to images and not knowing which specific preset I used on it.

At the least, could DXO provide image data that shows which preset was used on a specific photo?


Hello @Damian,

Actually there is a similar request from the users here - https://forum.dxo.com/c/dxo-photolab/feature-requests. So you can give your vote for it. If the request get a good number of votes we’ll think on the ways how to implement this feature.

Svetlana G.

i know i talked about the lack of this feature but i think i did’t made a separated request.
now it came up i think it have more then one route. so made one from scratch.

i hope its not to complicated written. :wink:

Yes, if you want to see this or that feature implemented it’s better to create a request for which other users can vote. Now you did it :slight_smile:

Svetlana G.