History managment. and editsettings copy paste functionality (putt together in one list.)

you can do a manual version by uncheck the box for update Dopfiles and DB but that’s not the same then it is for all and you need to manual update each one you want.
A simple lock- unlock option in the thumbnail in the filmstrip, like the red dot green dot marker is, can help protect delicate edit.
That’s what i like.

Keep It Simple Sister? :grinning:

Peter, I have all the time in the world for you but I really hate duplicate functionality in an application. Locking an image is just another method to create Virtual Copies. If the edit is good or delicate, just create a Virtual Copy and delete it when you are satisfied.

Keep It Simple Smartypants

No it isn’t. if i use Virtual Copy to “lock” satified editing i get a filmstrip twice as long.(And i only make copy of the present state. So when i f*ckup one i have the twin to go back to, no protection only back up.
I really mean, “protect from changing”. and then you can use virtual copy command to edit more or different wile the locked one is safe from unatended changes.
(i use the Green Dot as “finished” indicator to help me remind don’t touch unless you sure and i make a extra dop folder to copy the dopfile state in to when i archive the raw files.) ( when the dopfile is changed and i don’t want this i can overwrite that one with the one out the folder.)
lock unlock would be much more simple. :slightly_smiling_face:


i think it’s Keep It’s System Simple?

Hello everyone

Thanks for this exhaustive list of functionnalities related to this topic.
We’re taking that into account as we indeed wish to have such options available in our Product at some point in the future.

I’ll close this topic and release the votes.

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