Histogram Overlay on Curves

As a Lightroom/Photoshop user, I have become used to having a histogram overlay on the curves display, which helps me to target which parts of the curve to adjust. Without the overlay in PhotoLab it takes me longer to make curves adjustments, sometimes with unsatisfactory results. Adding a histogram overlay would significatly improve the usability of curves.

I’ve been meaning to ask for this myself for the same reason but you beat me to it … gets my vote

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good idea, I have no votes left though

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I’ve been working around this by putting the histogram over on the left hand column below the EXIF info with the curves below the histogram. It’s still a lot of double clicking when manually adjusting white balance via curves (a levels/curve style white balance is the most accurate white balance possible within Photo Lab for difficult lighting), as for every switch between RGB colours, one has to make the switch in both histogram and curves. It would be great if the histogram would at least follow the curves when one switches to any of the individual colours.

It would be great to have a connection between luminance/ color/contrast adjustment and the tonecurveline.
discussed here.
So a reverence window where the histogram and the tonecurve reflect the adjusted image and adjusting of the image realtime.
Adjusting a contrast slider adjust not only the histogram figuur but also the bending of the tonecurveline.
But at this time that’s not connected in the visualisation in the tonecurvetool.

And if they can dualdirection connect the tonecurve vs other tools… WOWWH.
Just imaging that.
(adjust the tone curve and the sliders are repositioned with that. So you can see which part of the image its charasteristics is changed if you bend and modify the tonecurveline ,so you can finetune from there.)

That would be game changer.:grinning:

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It would mean to reduce the DxO expertise to a curve manipulation.
It’s more than that.


can you elaborate some more?
You mean a connection between slidersposition and curvetool?

( if you have a choise to lock or unlock coupling tonecurveline-contrast would it be better?)
and i never suggested it was easy.
Now we have a histogram which has a direct view of color (saturation,hue and lightness) and overal luminance (RGB combined) Which is changing appearance when altering/adjusting related tools. (It viewes the image specific’s in a neat overal view)

When i adjust things in that very powerfull tonecurve tool i can misform the image badly just by bending and forming the (adjust)line which is viewed by the Histogram).
(like all tonecurve tools)
If you make a checkbox which just add the contrast changes made by clearview and contrastsliders on a secondairy line (which only views the tonecurve made by those adjustments.) then the curvetool line can be untouched and still be a straight line in default.
If they can add this tonecurve-line as a extra information button in the histogramtool next to sun and moon it is great and add it in the curvetone tool as “ghostline” around the tool-line even better.

Playing with the curvelinetool it self reveals its immediate changing power and thus difficult control by untrained users. so i avoid using it as tool for adjusting, (like using a hand planer because the powerplaner is causing too much unwanted effects in untrained hands)
But the line as information can be very usefull.

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HI everyone

Topic has been taken into account.
I’m closing to free votes and give room to other topics or ideas! :slight_smile:

Thanks for you feedback and suggestions people!

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