Histogram and other palettes

Been playing with the histogram I lost the histogram. It happened more times I couldn’t find the histogram but switching it off/on in the palettes did sow it again. Where can it be. Restarting the program doesn’t help.


Hi @George,
quickly checked PL4 Elite (as well PL3 Elite – still activated) / Win 10.

If in Standard, Advanced or Custom workspace – depending on your version – you should find it in the menue >> Palettes to get it back.


That’s the problem. It doesn’t.
I’m afraid I moved it to somehwere where it’s not visible.


So, you are saying, in the Palettes menu, you don’t have the Histogram listed?

Can you post a screenshot of your menu?

Ticking the advanced history doesn’t bring back the history either.


Have been playing around and also hiding the histogram ‘underneath’ another window, but the moment I unchecked / rechecked it from the palettes list, it came up to front again.

Then, looking at your screenshot … on the right, the hardcoded COLOR button is selected. In case you had positioned something (e.g. the histogram) at the right, these buttons ‘overlay’, what was shown there before. Now, the histogram is still checked in the palettes list and that’s correct – it’s still there, just not visible. :rage:

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Your screenshot shows that you have selected the colour subset of tools. Unless you unselect all of the subsets at the top of the right hand dock, you will only see the tools that belong to that subset.

Capture d’écran 2021-01-30 à 15.11.50


Yes, it moved to the right. Back again, and the history pallet.