Highlight information lost in the export DNG

I have been using DxO PhotoLab to noise reduction and export DNG to lightroom. But, I found that DxO PhotoLab and export DNG was not good enough to restore the highlights.

ARW to DxO PhotoLab:

Export DNG to Lightroom:

ARW to Lightroom:

The dynamic range of the image is reduced.This could cause me pain…

I can provide a RAW images taken with SONY ILCE-7RM2. I hope you can try it.

More obvious case——

ARW to DxO PhotoLab:

ARW to Lightroom:


I used SONY ILCE-7RM2 to shoot a lot of high luminosity range, which is a very serious problem for me.

Hi, welcome.
First of all it’s a lineair DNG, so not a “packed rawfile.”
It’s sort of a 16bit tiff with wb adaptation. So you lose some headroom in the highlight department.

Ive tested with DNG and you can do al kinds of correction before you export as dng , but the WB isn’t stable and can have colorshift in next processor.

For me personal i shifted so much editwork to DxOPL that i abandond twostep processing.
If you don’t change White Balance in LR then a 16bit tiff does more or less the same.


Can also be a colorspace issue.
Adobe RGB(max DxO ) vs PROphoto RGB.
Because you export through dxo you limit the rawfiledata to the selected colorspace. Adobe RGB, which cuts off some dark and highlight data.

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Concur with Peter here – try to consolidate processing so there is no roundtrip. When I am done with PhotoLab, my images might go to Affinity Photo but certainly don’t come back.

I had some success with Fuji X-Trans jpegs, adding HQ Fast noise reduction at the every very end. So perhaps leave the noise reduction until the end if you prefer processing elsewhere. Or improve your knowledge of processing in PhotoLab: I find I don’t really need anything else to create very high quality images. Even the local adjustment tools (while they could be improved) are are usually enough to get the job done for most images…

Note about Fuji: partly due to the lack of PhotoLab support, I’ve sold off most of my Fuji cameras as it’s too much trouble to maintain two different processing pipelines and I far prefer the results I get from PhotoLab. . I only miss better colour tools (something like the colour picker in C1) and yearn for a responsive sliders, particularly when working on larger images (5DS R).