Hiding control point circles while still showing equalizer for adjustments

Hoping there’s an easy way to do this, perhaps with a keyboard shortcut… maybe I’ve just missed it. When doing complex masking (i.e., several close control points as well as exclusionary control points), I’d like to be able to temporarily hide all the control point circles but still have the adjustments equaliser visible. This would allow me to make adjustments to the masked area(s) without having them so obscured by all those control point circles. Is there a solution?

That is not an option in the current version of PhotoLab.


Thanks Mark. I’ll offer it as a suggestion to see if anyone else is interested in it …

There have been previous suggestions that the equaliser be replaced by a local adjustments palette, either on the side or floating. Would that suit you? If so, why not search the forums for an existing request and vote for it?

Have you also tried using a Control Line, with the pipette carefully placed and the selectivity sliders?


Sure, the equaliser on the side would be fine, but that wasn’t my primary request. I can live with pressing ‘E’ to hide the equaliser, but my key request is to have a way to do the same for control-point lines.

Also, I use the control line with dropper quite frequently, but I don’t see that that would work for lightening a figure in the centre of a scene.