Hide Control Points during split screen viewing

I’m sure I am missing something with this process: I’m editing using control points and I use the split screen method (LA is blue) to compare result of each edit. However, as the slider reveals the edit, it also reveals the CPs. This is quite distracting. I know how to hide the equalizer (which helps,) and I know that the CPs will be hidden when the cursor is taken off the image frame; but, is there any other handy method that will allow me to view the edit without the CPs showing?

Think I got it. While in split screen (LA On,) simply toggle Compare with nothing selected from the Compare’s down arrow, and the CPs disappear and you get a comparison of the Before and After edit.

If you want to compare the image with and without the impact of Local Adjustments only, you need to select . "All corrections except Local Adjustments". If you don’t want to see the actual mask then click on the mask’s icon on screen to deselect it. Click on it again to to reselect it and make the mask visible.


Thanks for the info, Mark. However, I’m a little confused. First, where do I find “All corrections except Local Adjustments”? Second, are you suggesting that this will do what I have described in my post just above yours…toggle the command for Before and After? Third, clicking on the mask without using this command, doesn’t deselect the mask on my screen. Do you have to be under this command to deselect the mask?

Hi Adam,
with Local Adjustments activated, just click the Compare button
(“All corrections except Local Adjustments” is automatically preselected)

or (while in workspace “DxO Advanced” - Elite version only ??) activate / deactive the blue button.
Screen Shot 12-20-20 at 02.18 AM

have fun, Wolfgang

if I may complement

The moment your mouse pointer ‘leaves’ the picture (no more hovering), all control points get invisible, in normal view as well as in split screen mode – e.g. when your mouse pointer is on
the Compare button.

[ showing you the fly out menu screenshot + preselection + mouse pointer might be misleading in that way ]

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Control points act a little differently from other masks. Click the icon in the center of the control point and the mask circle will disappear and the icon will turn grey.





Got it. Thanks Mark and Wolfgang for pointing out how to hide CPs…Very useful and just what I wanted to know.

and to compare the strenght / effectivness of a single Local Adjustment … :wink:

Screen Shot 12-20-20 at 02.36 PM

Thanks. Just checked it out. When I first tried it, I had LA open (blue), and although it worked, the mask was still present. This really isn’t good if one was correcting a very small area as the mask will be in the way. But, then I guess one can enlarge the image first so the mask doesn’t cover much area. On the other hand, if I don’t have the LA On, the mask is hidden, and then click the CP in the palette, one sees the correction without the mask.

BTW, at my stage of life, I think I have to be crazy to take on all this studying and learning a new editing program…it’s like I’m back in school with homework all the time…and I’m just a “middling” hobbyist.

disable / enable a single Local Adjustment

Just play around, there is a difference between ‘disabling’ directly on the selected layer (with mouse over you get an eye-symbol) or below (mouse pointer on that eye-symbol), and find out what is the most convenient for you (what you will remember). … I’m not that young anymore and also while conversing in English is no problem, it takes me ages to put things to ‘paper’.

have fun, Wolfgang

Hey Wolfgang, if I could ever remember my college German (60 years ago), I’d say “danke schon” and more, but that is about it. To tell you the truth, your English does impress the hell out of me as I always envied those who could speak (let alone write) more than one language. And, BTW, I do very much appreciate your help.

PS: Absolutely right about “…what you will remember.”