Has anyone yet updated to PL4 v4.3?

Hi all

I noticed this update was available…I have downloaded it but yet to install it.

So, was curious as to whether anyone has tried it as I have not seen any forum posts about it :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m using it without any noteworthy problems so far. Some issues have turned up and have been reported here or through tech support tickets, though it’s not clear how many of those are new bugs.

It was released around a week ago, I would guess that most users of PhotoLab 4 who post regularly here have updated to 4.3 by now.


Yes - PLv4.3 is running well here - no problems … you’re “good to go” (I reckon).

John M

I downloaded and installed this the other day, after spotting reference to it in a forum thread. It works fine for me without any issues.

same here, I have been using it since it was released without any problems at all.

Many thanks one & all for the insights & feedback…I will install the update shortly :smiley: