Hard disk storage

Unfortunately, few softwares ! iCloud fills my hard drive when objects should be stored in the cloud. Anyway, 128go is too low to work serenely.

Thank you very much for all your help.

There’s a setting for it too:

  • Open System settings
  • Open the “iCloud” preference pane
  • Open the “iCloud Drive” Options
  • Un-check the optimize box

Caveat: Your iCloud space requirements might go beyond what is included in your subscription.

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The Win version of PL has a Preferences option that allows one to limit the size of the cache …
Does this exist for Mac too ?

John M

Yes, it also works on Mac! But that doesn’t solve the problem. DXO takes almost 30go on my hard drive to read the images from my external hard drive.

30GB to read files from external drive seems excessive. Do you know where these 30GB are located?

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I made a quick check of my installation an got this
The W:\Daten\Cache\DXOPL4\ path consist of DXO database and Cache
Not sure if all the presets and so on are included, but like Lucas said, 30 Gb seems quite much

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How do I find out where it is?

But when I stop DXO, I get my storage back.

Then don’t stop DxO until you’ve looked for it.

Try following this article https://osxdaily.com/2012/04/17/find-large-files-in-mac-os-x-search/

Thanks, but the fishing was not good !

Have you looked in /private/var/vm when PL is running and you’re low on space? Swap files don’t always disappear immediately, but if stopping the application causes disk space to be freed up then swap is a reasonable culprit.

Been a while since I used a Mac, but another test might be to move the swap file to an external ssd (it use to be possible) and see if that stops the issue? Would also help overall as the 128GB main ssd will have more space when running programs etc?

I would recommend using a tool like http://grandperspectiv.sourceforge.net/ which will also show hidden files.

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Hidden files can be made visible. Press shift-command-period (and again to hide them)

Note: hidden files are often hidden for a reason, be careful in what you delete!

It’s a real good App, thanks a lot for your advice !

I’m trying Disk inventory X, but I can’t find where he stores the pictures to see them read. It doesn’t matter, cos I can keep working with Lightroom.

Maybe one day I’ll totally use dxo Photolab ? Besides, I would like to thank the whole community for their kindness.

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How old is your MacBook? It is very easy to replace the hard drive of an older MBP. I replaced the hard drive of a 2019 MacBook Pro with a SSD. It took around 30 minutes.

However, I would do what [platypus] suggested about cloning the internal hard drive on an external SSD or hard drive, and make that one the “startup” drive. You can clone the internal drive using the shareware Carbon Copy Cloner.

It is not a good idea to fill the internal hard drive or SSD past 70% of its capacity, since that slows down your computer.