Grey Camera Symbol With Triangle

Grey camera symbol with triangle located at upper right corner of photo. This indicates “No DXO optics module available for this image”. However, both the image preceding to and the image thereafter, were taken with the same lens and do not display this error. Why doesn’t PhotoLab detect that the same lens was used? Is there a solution?

Unless it happens often for you, I would suggest that maybe something in the camera EXIF data for that image is corrupt and so DxO doesn’t recognise it properly?

As for solutions? Better minds than mine know suggestions for correctng file EXIF data

Solved the issue with the grey camera appearing in the upper right corner of image.

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Do you mind sharing your solution? There may be others with the same problem.

Ahh come on! Do share :joy:

I’m afraid it’s not a superb solution to getting rid of the grey camera on certain photos. The solution is the result of retaining the photos on the original SD cards along with the cards. A few years ago a trip was made to Europe upon which several hundred photos were taken. The photos were eventually downloaded to the computer. These photos were the source for PhotoLab. Rather than deleting the photos from the SD cards, the photos and SD cards were retained. Don’t ask me why it was done as I can’t recall. So it became a matter of downloading the original photos from the original SD cards and replacing those photos in question. It was purely a matter of luck as I typically delete photos from SD cards after downloading them. Thus, my solution is rather rare and unique and probably won’t apply to those who are interested in my solution. Now I would like to learn why the grey camera appeared on certain photos and if it can be removed by other means as I typically don’t save SD cards with original photos. the grey camera symbol hasn’t reappeared on photos shot since this event.

go to Preferences → Display


and choose if / how to display the DxO Optics Module status

Not sure how selecting DxO Optics Module status to “On mouseover” results in resolving the issue of no photo data to delete the grey camera icon in the upper right corner of an image. “Always ON” is the selection in my DXO PhotoLab app. Is it inferred that selecting “On mouseover” will cause the data to be acquired and therefore remove the grey camera icon?