GeoTaging map not working now

I think someone asked about this before but I can’t find it. PL used to bring up a map from geo tagging. All I get now is the latitude and longitude from the program was this a intended change or another bug waiting to be sorted in the Windows version?

It’s here to see the map

Found it, I muct admit I thought it also used to come up from

but that just gives the coordinates

No it’s below, there it is to indicate the presence or not of GPS coordinates

Thanks I found it

@Franky but it only comes up if you have entered co-ordinates, even if they are 0,0 as shown in you snapshot.

I believe it should be active at all times so that the user can bring up the map to enter a search and then select the co-ordinates, except there appears to be no way to get the co-ordinates back into DxPL without cutting and pasting!?

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