FYI: New versions of FilmPack & ViewPoint available

For those PL users, like me, who have FilmPack & ViewPoint fully integrated into PL - and do NOT use FP & VP in their stand-alone state; you may not be aware (as I was not) that new versions of both these products are now available.

FP v3.1.9
VP v5.5.20

Regards, John M


Thanks very much for the information. Will download later.



In an earlier discussion about plug-in updates in PhotoLab, Pascal (@Pieloe) assures us that PhotoLab is always updated with the latest versions of FilmPack and ViewPoint before the new standalone versions of FP and VP are released.

There appears to be no documentation about this from DxO. Svetlana, @sgospodarenko, could you help us with this? Thanks.


Ah, yes - Thanks, Joseph … I had forgotten all about that !

Mmm, I’m not sure how that might work - - Svetlana/@sgospodarenko; Could you please enlighten us.

In the meantime, if you invoke each of VP & FP in standalone mode then you will be presented with offer to download new versions.

Regards, John M

I think these were updated the same tome as PL with the cameras added to PL. I always run them to update them when there is a new version of PL as the cameras are added to them as well.

I confirm. Nothing to do!

Exactly "PhotoLab is always updated with the latest versions of FilmPack and ViewPoint at a same time the new standalone versions of FP and VP are released.


Well, yes the actual FP and VP are mostly updated with the new bodies which is already the case for PL :slight_smile:

If there is an update in some of the VP/FP palettes we do that simultaneously inside the PL.

Svetlana G.

Ah - OK. I was under the impression that PL utilised functionality from VP & FP - - but, you seem(?) to be saying that VP/FP palette functionality is actually built-in to PL - which is why it’s unnecessary to keep VP & FP updated if they’re not being used in their standalone modes … Is that correct ?

John M

Absolutely! :wink:


I am a little confused here. New user of PL3 and been using FP5 standalone for a while now. From what I can find, it appears you can use the FilmPak as a plug in but I haven’t been able to figure it out. Support says FP5 is a plugin to PL3.

In PL3, there is a button on the bottom to invoke Nik Collection but I cannot find a similar button for FP5. All I seem to be able to do is export to FP5.

Any suggestions appreciated because i use the FP black and white styles alot.

Hello Duncan and welcome to the Forum!

  • Sure you can use FP as a plugin in PL. Usually, if you have a license for FP you can automatically see this additional palette in PhotoLab:

If you do not see this palette, please open Help menu -> select Filmpack option and activate it exactly with the same key from standalone version.

Svetlana G.

Welcome Duncan
You can also read this tutorial