Full state restoration upon startup


I think that no formal request has been emitted about this although I have seen remarks about it in various topics :

Upon startup, the DPL UI should be restored (possible option) in the state it was in when quitting. This includes :

  • Same mode (Library vs. Customize)
  • Same layout
  • Same folder or project selected
  • Same image(s) selected
  • Same editing mode selected (local / global)
  • Same tools enabled…
  • …with obviously same settings.

Currently, this request is very partially fulfilled (layout and folder). What is particularly missing is :

  • Mode restoration
  • Selected image(s) restoration

There is an old request for this, focused on preserving the last selected image. Your request is more complete, though. Gets my vote.

a very good feature from ACR/LR worlds is also an ability to apply last corrections applied in in them when you open a new image …

More about this…

Even if the previously selected image is not selected upon relaunch of DPL, one could normally assume that the image that will be selected when opening a given folder in the image browser would be the first (or last) image in that folder corresponding to the currently selected sort order. No luck, the image that is automatically selected is the image that would be the first displayed if the selected sort order was “name”, whatever the position it has relative to the currently selected sort order. Period. [I don’t know what happens in the Mac version].

My (sub)request is therefore : please fix this.

100% agree this would be useful. Voted.

Voted yes, but would add also this one:

  • keep correction choices persistent

I mean the choices you made when pasting selected corrections.
Perhaps this is what @noname had in mind.
For example, most of the time, I wouldn’t copy/paste WB or Crop settings.

Maybe addition of option to copy only selected settings would be useful too,
but perhaps that would bring too much noise into UI (?).

he had in mind that you shall have an option to apply the latest set of corrections when you open a new file to work in DxO PL - like in ACR/LR (“Apply Previous Settings”) … very convenient.

Another good idea but completely unrelated to this topic…

Yes. Storing the last copied settings and allowing to select which settings are copied and pasted is something that should be already implemented in DPL. Lightroom has it from the beginning. However, this feature deserves its own request, I agree.