Folder contains no Photos

additional to PL2 I installed PL4 for testing (I jumped over PL3). First of all: It’s working much faster and from v.2 to v.4 it’s a great step.
But: I switched through my folders and all seems to be correct, execpt one folder.
I alwasy get a message, that this folder contains no photos. I checked in Windows Explorer and in PL2, too. The RAWs als available.
Using Win 10, EOS 80D (*.RC2)
Any hints for this?

ok, Maybe I know…
parallel to my fast Win-PC I’m also working on an old MacBook pro 2009 with PL2. Seems, that the *.DOP-Files by PL2/MAC are not compatible to PL4/WIN

Hi Stefan - - See here for more discussion about this issue.

Regards, John M

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