Filmpack: Frame, Texture, LightLeak -- SOLVED

Continuing with the defect reported regarding filters, something weird is happening here too. In each of the above features, the list of available options in the dropdown is only 1, and it has a very strange name:

Frame: KeyValueObject(frameid=1)
Texture: KeyValueObject(TextureID=grain4b)
LightLeak: KeyValueObject(EdgeTextureID=fuitelum1)

These are obviously bogus. I don’t use these options all that often (and I have purchased Elite), but there is something wrong with these menu drop down options.

And as previously reported with the filter problem, there are null (invisible) entries that do something, but cannot be read.

PL4 4.0.1 build 44. MacOS 10.14.6 Mojave.

EDIT: Grain too. I suspect this is a problem across all of the dropdowns.

However, ColorRendering is ok.

This problem went away overnight. No idea what was different, but it’s fine now. Kindly disregard.