Film strip hight in DPL v3

In DPL version 3, I notice that the film strip changes hight when the image is reduced and maximised manually.

  1. I set film strip to display 16 images
  2. I reduce DPL’s window hight and width a few times and maximise it again
  3. film strip now displays 8 images and a half

I propose that the film strip always gets back to the size I set in step 1.



We shouldn’t expect filmstrip size changes in this case so could you please clarify how did you do step1 (are you PhotoLibrary or Customize tab, did you change filmstrip size moving its border or via slider from tab1, if you are on PhotoLibrary tab did you display the preview, etc.)?
And just to make sure we’re doing the same steps: which OS are you using? Did you switch tabs while reducing PL size? Did you maximize PL size at the end by dragging its borders or by double click on the window?