Files not loading

Is there a data base i can view that lists cameras that have compatable files with PL.

I’m running PL 5.16.
Just upgraded my Olympus Em1 Mk2 to a OM Sysystems OM1 Mk2.
Only the Jpegs are opening but not the the ORF Raw files.

If not, Can i asume, in time , there will be one and it will be allocated to PL5 Ususers?

Thanks you

Hello there.
For the OM1 mk2 you need a newer version of PL or PR.

DxO PhotoLab 6.15.0
DxO PureRAW 3.11

Notice that DxO usually releases their next revisions in the autumn. So upgrading to PL7 might feel annoying if a PL8 is released in a few months.

Although you can download the PL7 and run an Elite trial for 30 days, to see if all works well.

As @Required mentioned, support for that body was first available in PhotoLab 6.15. DxO was still providing updates to PL 5 for the first few months of this year. If support for this camera body was not added until after they stopped those updates, then you will not be able to get support in your version of PhotoLab.

PhotoLab 8 will likely be released sometime in September of this year. If it is, it may not make sense to upgrade to version 7 now. However as he pointed out you can use the 30-day free trial which should give you support for your camera and then you can upgrade directly to version 8 when it’s released. If you upgrade to version 7 now and want to then upgrade to version 8 in September you will have to pay an additional sum for that.


Thank you @Required and @mwsilvers .

I actually run my first files through on the version before 5.16 and I’m positive it processed the ORF files. However, earlier today i upgraded to 5.16 and can no longer open them or new additional files.
Could it really be that 5.15 had it and 5.16 took it away again?

That is unlikely, but perhaps an issue occurred during installation. Try installing it again over your current installation and this time select the Repair option which will pop up.