Exporting to Lightroom as tiff


I am trying to export a jpeg image from Lightroom to DxO Photolab 5 and back into Lightroom. It does work when I export from DxO to Lightroom as jpeg, but when I try to export back into Lightroom as tiff it says that

The file appears to be unsupported or damaged

the latter definitely not being the case as reading it from file explorer is fine.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any hint,

Just a guess here, but … when you’re coming from jpg to tiff, it may be that LR does not like the resulting quality setting (of the tiff file). There are 3 options for tiff quality; 8-bit, 8-bit compressed and 16 bit. Perhaps try the 8-bit option (?)

John M

Also, when you just save the tiff to disk, can you open it then in LR?


Thanks for the hint of reading the file directly: I found out that the problem is due to EXIF data exported by DXO (I think). I have photos from two phones, Samsung A52 and Xiaomi Mi9t: the problem is only with the latter …
If I skip exporting EXIF data from the Mi9T (via Dxo import/export from LR) everything works.

@sgospodarenko/Svetlana may be interested in this (?)

John M