Export to disk (jpg) skipping the 'Export to disk - Options' window

(Hi, sorry if this was asked before, but couldn’t find it using the search…)
To fasten my workflow, it would be nice when I could export an image to jpg by just right-clicking the (raw) image and and choosing a (quick) export to disk (jpg).

So skipping this window. I understand this window needs to be in the preferences (or similar), as the settings need to be modifiable.
(/Edit: I also found out some new options in Photolab. Need to retire asap to dive into all the possibilities :grinning:

Hi Paul,
not to shoot down your proposal … you have it already (almost). :slight_smile:

  1. right click on the pic you want to export
  2. hit enter … having left the export option set before to your liking
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Thanks, yes, works :grinning: But it would require letting go (although for a moment) of my precious mouse, and move to the keyboard.
Would be super if it could be done with the mouse only…
(I have become one of those photographers who takes man shots, deciding later which to keep :wink: Unlike in the old days when I tried to save film)

If you have a mouse with customizable buttons you can affect the CTRL+ALT+P and ENTER.
In this way export will be done automatically on a mouse key with the latest preset used.

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