Evolution of Tool Panels of PhotoLab, FilmPack and ViewPoint

As a software engineer who works with Windows and Linux, I can’t see why it’s not possible for a RAW file’s history to be written to the sidecar file, or any other file for that matter.

It’s perfectly possible. It’s just that it may not be desirable, dependent on the granularity of the history steps. e.g. if I make 20 consecutive changes to the same slider, do we record every small change or just the start and end result?

Sorry @Joanna,

I have to agree with @giscard on the history. it should be recorded and saved. You say that if you make 20 consecutive changes to the same slider. The thing is you do not have to keep all the consecutive adjustments if you do not wish, as I said in a previous posting in this thread ( if you are starting from scratch and your first adjustment is to the exposure and you have your 20 consecutive changes, all you need to do is take a note of the number in the box to the right hand side of the exposure slider, then step back to, in this case the start in the history box, then click on the box to the right of the slider in the exposure slider and type that number in. You then only have one adjustment rather than the original 20). I hope that makes sense, and it all should be saved in the DOP file.

With Lightroom, as one drags a slider, only the difference and the ending values are recorded in the history - Not, the individual steps.

E.G., say your Black Level is currently -3 and you adjust the Black slider to -6, the history records one change - a difference of -3 and a value of -6.

Going from -3 to +8, then the history records a difference of +11 and a value of +8.

No intermediate values - unlike DXO which likes to record every movement of a slider for some reason.

not sure about the slider logging individual steps…but when i change the values with the arrow keys, I certainly get one entry per tap. 100 entries and no effect. The perfect log? Dontthinkso.


  • Log effects rather than actions


Yes, with the arrow keys they will log each press, the same with the mouse each time you let go of the mouse button. As I said above. You do not need to keep all these iterations. The annoying part of the Windows version is that it does not keep the history between sessions therefore, It is not a history. It is only a record of what has been done for that session.