DxO Software - New Cameras & Lenses support (6 February 2024 update)

The new module for the Nikon Z9 and Z 100-400mm seems to be flawed. It removes vignetting, sharpens and then ADDS distortion blacked-out bits at the edges corners etc.
‘Before Correction’ is nicely corrected regarding distortion, but nothing else??
‘Correction Preview’ has the black bits!
No module has ever done this before???
Auto in Distortion Control, err, doesn’t use the ‘DxO module correction’, but when de-selected the black bits disappear??

Hello @mike,

we didn’t get such issue (and we tested with the Z9) :frowning:
Can you provide some samples images to analyze that issue ?


Hi Marie,
OK, I got it. Under Geometry…Distortion… ‘Constrain to Image’ is now NOT the default. How do I make it so?

@mike , OK, you need to create your own preset (you can do it with parameters from an image, it should be explained in the user guide) and use it at loading (this is in preference menu).

For information, this will be restored but I don’t have a date planned yet.


Ah OK. So it wasn’t just me being daft? I’d never seen it before! Cheers. Mike.

Marie, Everything working fine for me. Question. Was Pure Raw 2 updated to include DeepPrime XD?

Hello @pcassity ,

no, it is only available in PureRAW 3.


Hi Marie, just installed the new version and anew problem is showing up.
I cannot work at all with my OM-1 files taken with the 150-400 and the additional 2x converter.
Instead of the picture in the in preview or fullview I get an error message (error in prepare).
The thumbnail in the browser is still fine.
What happened here?

Thanks, André

Hello @LTAEFK72 ,

sorry of the inconvenience, it’s a side effect of the correction. It is done in two times and for now only the product part has been done. I should have the final fix this month.

In the mean time you can deactivate optical corrections.


I guess you mean PureRaw 3.

yes, sorry for the typo, I’ve corrected it.

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Hello Marie,
I am happy that it works with these lenses in April

especially that you got a TC-1411 from Sigma.

Best regards

Hi Marie,

Can you advise when DxO PhotoLab 6 will support the Panasonic LUMIX S 14-28mm F4-5.6 MACRO (model no. S-R1428GC)?


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Hi Peter, in case you aren’t aware, you can request lens support from DXO by accessing this site.https://www.dxo.com/supported-cameras/suggest-module/?utm_source=PhotoLab&utm_medium=software&utm_campaign=6

Hi Pat,

Thanks, after I posted in the forum I found the web page to request lens support and did add it to their list.

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Hi Mike, I have the same issue, and it is explained here:

Hello Marie,

Great to read that support for Sigma 18-50mm F2.8 DC DN | C (Fuji X) is coming. In fact, it shows up already on the supported cameras and lenses list:

I am trialing PureRaw3 - very impressed so far using my Fuji lenses - but not sure whether I have correctly understood the availability of this module. It’s certainly not downloading to PR2 at the moment. Should this module be downloading to PR3 yet, or is that going to happen in April?


When support for DNG ver 1,6 used in iPhone pro and Samsung 23 models?

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I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.


Hello! Still no support for Fuji XF 56mm F1.2 R WR, it seems? Brilliant lens btw.