DxO Software - New Cameras & Lenses support (5 March 2024 update)

Thank you @Joanna for the support!

For me it looks like no answer is also an answer…

Anything you can share about the A7RV? :grimacing:

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@kamelle Next support of cameras will be in PL 6.1 AND in PL 5.6. Thank you for your understanding !


Hi Lens Support for the new Tamron 20-40mm 2.8 Di III VXD (A062) for A7II would ne nice

@Cecile-C do we have a timescale at all?



About cameras,

  • in December you’ll get support of Fuji X-H2, Nikon D100 and Sony FX30.
  • in January you’ll get support of Canon EOS R6 Mark II, Fuji X-T5, OM System OM-5 and Sony A7R V.

All will be in PhotoLab 5 and 6, PureRAW 2, FilmPack 6, ViewPoint 4 and Nik 5.

About lenses, Tamron 20-40mm will be supported in December.
You’ll get more news with the release.



Hi Marie - this is encouraging news and thanks for the udate - do you have anything to report on the update for X-Trans sensors functioning with DeepPRIME XD, please?
Thanks, Kirk


Will we see Z9 HE* RAW Support soon? The SDK has been available for a while. Thank you

Dear DxO Team,
is there a chance to add support for VILTROX lenses with Fuji X mount? Especially:
*** 85mm f1.8 XF Mark II**
*** 13mm F1.4 XF**

Thank you,

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Fuji X-H2 share the same sensor with the X-T5
Could it be possible to use X-H2 corrections for the X-T5 ?


Thank you for Sony A7RV !
maybe Samyang lenses 24 f1.8 and 45mmf1.8 ?

News about RF 15-30?

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Any idea when the Laowa 100 mm 2x macro optic file will be released? Is there a near equivalent in your supported lenses? Thanks.

Now we have December. Is there is a chance before christmas?

The majority of the Laowas have no electrical contacts. So, how should DxO PL know which kind of lens you were using if the EXIF fields show “unknown lens”?

I checked and this lens does have electrical contacts. This would be a must for this lens because even though this is a manual focus only lens there is apparently no dedicated aperture ring. The aperture is set by the camera. Although I don’t know for certain I would assume that the contacts also mean that metadata is also passed to the camera. See the image for the Laowa below.

I would love to see PhotoLab add profiles for my manual focus Voigtlander Z mount D23mm f/1.2 Nokton and D35mm f/1.2 Nokton lenses, both of which have native electrical contacts for Nikon Z and Fuji X mounts. However, I’m not holding my breath.


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Good you checked @mwsilvers but still… even Laowa’s new Argus lenses: 6 lenses f/0.95, none of them transfers any EXIF-data. I have 3 Laowa lenses, their Macros are really good and still, every time I hate it to not see which aperture I used.

This 100/2.8 is also very good, it’s an APO lens and one of the sharpest macro lenses one can buy, also 2:1, so why on Earth would anybody need a lens profile for that? Oh, sure: Because their lens is manual focus only, so no automatic focus stacking, except with a rather expensive macro rail. Which comes with the inconvenience to use a tripod. Therefore stopping down beyond the realms of diffraction. And why should DxO fix that? Just asking…

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Agree. It has only moderate vignetting, very little barrel distortion, it is very sharp in the center and corners and well controlled chromatic aberration as a result of being an APO lens. I believe it is a bargain at its price. A lens profile would probably not add very much improvement.


I think so too. To me, the difference between the 65/2.8 APS-C and the Nikkor 105/2.8 (F-version) was simply incredible, in terms of contrast, sharpness and rendering the old Nikkor never stood a chance

PL 5.6.83 is out and finally Nikon D100 in!

Thanks a lot