DxO PureRaw 3 - crossgrade possible for existing PhotoLab users?

Hello everyone at Dxo,

I would like to know if there are plans on your side to make PureRaw 3 available at a reduced price for existing PhotoLab users? I am still on Version 5 and happy with it and at this time I do not want to upgrade to PL 6, but I am very interested on using PureRaw 3 with other RAW processors.
Kind regads in advance for any useful answer.


Despite the URL of this forum having ‘feedback.dxo’ in it, this is a user forum, DxO rarely post anything here any more so you are very unlikely to get an answer to your question from DxO.

Purely my opinion but having downloaded the trial of PR3 I still feel on a like for like basis that PL (5 in my case so can’t compare DPXD) produces a nicer image to work from in LRc (again, in my case).

My initial take is that the sharpening is higher in ‘standard’ and lower in ‘soft’ compared the ‘standard/auto’ in PL5. We are talking pixel peeping level but in my test shot I worked on I was happier with the file that went through PL5 before exporting back to LRc.

That’s comparing DeepPrime (not XD) form PR3 and PL5. Again. It’s subtle but I can see it. Possibly the picture I chose but there all the same.

Comparing DeepPrime and DeepPrimeXD but this time only using PR3 in LRc DPXD shows a slight improvement (1600iso shot and the same one as the DP PR vs PL test) but still with that slight over or under sharpening to my eyes depending on whether I used standard or soft. Again. Possibly the wrong shot to test.

For me, if I wanted DPXD I’d use the upgrade offer on PL6 you get as an existing customer and have the extra control and just suck up the lack of staying inside one program that PR3 gives as whilst convenient I personally feel PL gives a better result to work with in your program of choice. To my eyes at least and that’s before considering everything else PL offers.

Again. Just my opinion.
Like you I have skipped PL6 thus far and was looking at maybe swapping to PR as the bulk of my editing is in LRc but I feel I will stay with PL5 and will wait until PL7 before I upgrade again.

But if you have PhotoLab you can still use it as a ‘pre-processor’ with LrC and I believe C1 too. So PureRAW doesn’t provide any advantage if you use these other tools.

Additionally, you can set a default preset in PhotoLab to automatically apply denoising, lens correction / sharpening and other other PhotoLab tools you wish in your workflow without having to learn much of the PhotoLab interface. So I don’t see any advantage in moving to PureRAW as an existing PhotoLab user.

Agreed, especially as PureRAW does not give the same degree of control over the amount of sharpening that can be applied. NB, an actual PureRAW user will be able to give more details on that limitation in PureRAW vs PL.

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