DxO Pure Raw 2 / Lightroom integration issue

I have the following problem with the test version of DxO Pure Raw 2 and Lightroom classic 12.0.1:
Pictures exported via plug in into Lightroom are beeing processed, the processed photographs are written into the DxO subfolder but are not imported into Lightroom.

I am getting the following error message with a delay of several minutes:

“An internal error has occured: AgImportSession.addOnePhotoToLibrary:failed import photo”

Windows PC, Intel i7 3.50 GHz, 32 GB RAM, Windows 10, Large Lightroom Catalog >300,000 pictures

As workaround I can import the processed pictures into Lightroom manually. This of course is not desirable.

On a Microsoft Surface tablet with the same Lightroom version the issue does not occur.

Can anybody help? Thank you.

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Welcome to the forum, @BoJe

Do you also get the error when you use a fresh (test) catalog in Lightroom?

Catalog size should not matter, but who knows. If you still get the error, it might be caused by some difference between your Desktop and Laptop computers (OS versions, CPU, GPU etc.)

Thank you for your suggestion. Effectively, with a small Test Catalog the DxO Pure Raw 2 integration with Lightroom works just fine.
The problems with large Lightroom Catalogs and DxO Pure Raw 2 have been commented elswhere, mentioning very long write back times. Hopefully this will be addressed in future versions.
In the meantime, using DxO Pure Raw 2 as a standalone software and importing the files resulting from the processing into Lightroom seems to be the easiest approach.

Bonsoir ,
J’ai le même problème avec pur raw2 récemment acheté. Sauf que je n’ai aucun message d’erreur. Le tratement est bien fait mais le dossier dxo n’est pas mis à jour et la collection n’est pas créée , alors que les fichiers sont bien présents. Je suis obligée de lancer une syncro du dossier dxo dans LR.

Je vais tester avec un catalogue …

Je viens de tester avec un nouveau catalogue… hélas , même problème , la mise à jour du catalogue n’est pas éffectuée.

Pour moi , non , même avec un catalogue tout neuf , et quelques photos , cela ne fonctionne pas (mais
aucun message d’erreur visible). seule solution pour le moment , lancer manuellement une syncro.

Thank you for coming back.

On my computer, operating DxO Pure Raw 2 out of Lightroom is not realistic due to very long times used for the upload of DxO processed files. Effectively, theses files appear in Lightroom after something like 10-15 minutes, and only under the condition that I do not use Lightroom in parallel. When I use it, I get the error message reproted previously.

In the meantime I have addressed the DxO support. The sent me diagnostic software which produced a ZIP file; I habe transferred this file to DxO support. They are inverstigating the problem and I am awaiting their response. I will report later whatever the outcome will be.

In the meantime I am using DxO as standalone application and improt the resulting files into Lightroom. In fact, this is quite a convenient workflow.

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Same issue here. Very annoying.

Hi, the same behavior. Support asked for a movie to understand the issue, but obviously well known problem, see above. Support, please help!

I am the initiator of this thread.
DxO support sent me a diagnose application and confirmed they could not reproduce the issue. They then asked for a video and subsequently let me know, that the video did not help to identify the issue. They would contact me again when they have any news. This was on 16 Dec. So far no more feedback.

@Support Please help your customers. Please!

27’’ iMac i9 with 128GB memory, same problem with very large catalogue file. Has any progress been made on a solution apart from using DxO as a standalone?

Unfortunately not. Let us hope that the support is working on it

Same issue here. More quality testing is needed.

Unbelievable software quality. Very disappointed

Imo, it’sbest to ignore integration at the moment and to proceed like this: Photolab and Lightroom Users? - #9 by platypus