DXO PL4 Performances on Mac

It’s more than frustrating it’s disloyal to DxO’s most ardent and active supporters. Stupid decision when C1 supports 10.3.

Your suggestion that I move to a dinky M1 MacBook Air with 8GB of memory from my Mac Pro 5,1 with 2 x 3.1 Ghz 6 core processors, 96 GB of ECC triple channel memory, 22 TB of on board storage, most of it SSD, across eight available bays (four in the optical section thanks to an add-on SATA 3, USB 3 card) is ludicrous. Oh and there’s the Radeon R7 with 16 GB of VRAM. This computer will run 10.4 so I can make Photolab 4 run here.

I also don’t feel like throwing away my two 17 inch MBP from 2011 with 16 GB of memory and 2 TB of storage (easily upgradeable to 4 TB if I need it) either to go to a tiny screen when on the move.

DxO just gave many of us the single digit salute when they refused to support 10.13. It’s pure laziness as it’s just a bit more difficult for DxO to publish versions supporting 10.13 – their developers would have to use Xcode -1 from the current version.

I’m not around these forums so much any more partly out of annoyance over throwing us under the bus. I’m less active promoting DxO Photolab (still occasionally do so out of habit).

Those chaps here who pride themselves on updating to the latest OS and hardware are more geeks and slaves to tech giants than photographers. Throwing away good tools and polluting the world further – you should be ashamed gentlemen.

The world is being destroyed by humankind as we speak. Throwing away perfectly good gear and unnecessary upgrades will have a lot to do with the uninhabitable world our grandchildren and great-grandchildren inherit. No, it’s not progress. It’s self-destruction. I’m mystified that DxO jumped on this train and didn’t realise who its users should be (photographers and not software developers).

Most real film and video production houses (Los Angeles, London, Moscow) always run two to three versions behind as they cannot afford any downtime or incompatibility.

Are you done ranting? Every developer stops supporting old OSes at some point, usually for good reason. You want to stay stuck in the past? Keep using an older version of PhotoLab. It’s not like DxO has a subscription model that REQUIRES you to upgrade.
Also, what I said is flatly true, so I don’t see why you should take out your frustrations on ME. Not only that, but my M1 mini with 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD cost only $1099 and beats my 2013 8-core 3.3GHz Mac Pro with 64GB RAM on every metric that matters to me. The next gen of Apple Silicon Macs will undoubtedly support more RAM, although, with modern memory management, I’m not convinced you’d need as much as you have now. As for storage, just migrate it to external enclosures. If you don’t like Thunderbolt, USB4 will give us 40gbps from affordable external enclosures in the next year or so. And, finally, my solution to the tiny screen issue is simple - wirelessly tether an iPad as a second screen. Easy, cheap and helpful.
Oh, and also, there’s no point in using SSDs as archival storage for photos. Video files, yes, photos, no. Because anything over about 300MB/s has no impact on PhotoLab performance, including large batch exports with DeepPRIME. I keep active projects on a 1TB SSD for processing, then move them to much cheaper platter HDs for archiving after I’ve delivered the product. So, I’m not sure why you’re so put out about your SSD storage. If you need it for video, that’s not DxO’s problem.
So much hostility, so little problem solving…

I really like the Photolab 4 features, there’s some great improvements. What is a big issue for me is that due to laziness from DxO’s side, I cannot have the same version of Photolab on my MBP as I have on my main computer, which means there’s no moving photos back and forth.

Latest versions of OS X are a huge step back for power users, as Apple is locking us out of our own computers, both on the software side and the hardware side. Apple is effectively turning owning a computer into a subscription experience. Not DxO’s fault but they could at least have the courtesy to respect their own policies of supporting the last two major OS at time of launch.

Non-repairable or upgradeable computers, laptops, smartphones is a huge green issue. Most people are too lazy and selfish to really care. To stop companies like Apple from eliminating our right to repair, we as users would have to unite and say no. As I said, most people are too lazy and selfish to really care. It doesn’t mean I or anyone else should have to stand by like everyone else and say it’s okay. It’s not.

You don’t actually know that it’s laziness. There may be technical or financial reasons. And, to reiterate, dropping support in new apps for old OSes is something ALL devs do. I understand your frustration, but it seems grossly unfair for you to slam DxO this way. Am I slamming Apple for making a $1000 Mac that’s faster than my $5000 Mac? No. Am I slamming them for not having perfect backward app compatibility in Big Sur? No. If you’re going to get all dyspeptic about this kind of stuff, you should stop using computers, because tech moves on and these things happen on a regular basis.


As long as consumers don’t speak up, Apple will keep making their machines harder to upgrade and repair. Apple is a deeply evil company, actively trying to defeat right to repair legislature. Apple actively chases down small businesses which repair Apple products and sues them. A more non-environmentally friendly, anti-ecology company cannot be imagined (okay it can, Raytheon, for example).

I’ve invested both my money in DxO, and my time – free of charge – to promote their products. It’s up to DxO how they wish to treat their customers: if DxO would prefer to pander to Apple (Apple is the one who needs the latest OS on everyone’s computer and to obsolete older computers, not DxO customers) rather than its paying customers.

Apple will do whatever he wants no matter if consumers speak or not.
Only when consumers stop buying Apple and switch to Android phones and Windows comps
they will need to reconsider.

Apple is somewhat sensitive to negative publicity.

  • After crippling older phones when upgrading iOS, Apple walked that back. Apple even launched a free and inexpensive battery replacement program.
  • Bad Nvidia graphics cards in 2011 MBP got an extended warranty (after three years of people complaining and lawsuits files though; the cards would overheat, quickly, not lasting long, long term solution is to run gfxCardStatus onb the Intel chip to reduce heat wear).
  • Butterfly keyboards (never owned one but they were in 2015 to 2020 MacBooks and MBP) got a recall of their own. A single crumb into one of those keyboards and a user was looking at a €400 to €500 repair. Could happen repeatedly. Absolute nightmare.

Apple’s failure to produce repairable laptops and computers means I’ve stopped buying their laptops and computers and keep repairing the old ones. Ironically, before Apple stopped producing repairable and upgradeable laptops, I used to buy one every two years for myself personally and another three or four for my business.

I agree with you: anyone sensitive about ecology issues should not be buying Apple products or at least as few of them as possible. My partner likes her iPhone so I own one too, as I’m tech support for her tech. We keep them in robust cases, put screen protectors on them as repairs are a nightmare on these devices too.

What I want from DxO right now – at least the next Photolab, DxO Photolab 5 (and ideally DxO Photolab 6) should run on Mojave. There’s no good reason to cut off users of older hardware.

Agreed that keeping support for Mojave is important. It is really not that old an OS version! One of my computers still runs it for various reasons (including compatibility with some software). It would seem ridiculous to me to run into further OS version headache for DxO.

I don’t expect I will change your mind, even in the slightest. But what, pray tell, are Dell, ASUS, Lenovo, Acer, etc doing about their supply chain or recycling?

Never mind. I won’t be revisiting the thread.

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I’m not a Dell, Asus, Lenovo or Acer user. None of those companies make glorious claims about rebuilding the environment while actively trying to make their devices non-repairable and destroying the right of repair. It’s extremely rude, close-minded and shallow to make snarky comments and then write: “I won’t be revisiting this thread.” If a man’s ears and mind are shut, then it behooves him to do the same with his mouth.

Hello Alec,

using my old Lenovo W510 and my Desktop core i7 since 2012 was my part to support the egology way. A few weeks ago I bought a MacBook Air M1, hoping that it will work for 6 or more years.
At the moment it is difficult to follow a ecological way when we talk about smartphones, desktops or notebooks…
3 month ago I’ve heard about Framwork Framework | Framework Laptop pre-orders are now open and i like the idea behind the project.
I will follow the project and maybe if they come to the point where it’s possible to buy one in Europe I will join them.

best regards

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Hello all,

for them are interested in the Framework stoy, here are some reviewsThe first reviews are out! - Framework Laptop - Framework Community


I just ran a simulation of buying a Framework 13" (the only size they do) against buying a MacBook Pro 13" with similar spec. Both came out at around the same price (around $2000). Given the choice, I’d rather go for a Mac any day.

Dear Joanna,

thank you for your statement. I’m still in my Mac pre phase :innocent:, and at the moment not sure if I will buy a Mac if any day my windows desktop machine goes to PC sky.
Thaer are a lot of build in functions and apps in my MacBook Air I#ve learned to like after a short while, but there are still a lot of stuff I don’t like or I’ve still to learn. But the time will show on which side I will live the next years.
Stay healthy and I wish you a good start into the next week.

Best regards