DXO PL 6.3.1 Windows 11, updated graphics card Nvidia 3070

When i export edited photos using DeepPrime or DeepPrime Xd only the first photo is exported. Next try to export results in a black photo, nothing inside (500 kb size).

I can restart PL6 and the first photo works again, but after that no more.
I have tried different solutions including reinstall, and trying different DNG files
from my camera Leica CL

Nothing works. A solution is desperately needed!

Welcome to the forum, jenklo …

Note, tho, that this is a User forum … Have you raised a ticket with DxO Support ?

Regards, John M

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Hello and welcome,

@Ian_in_Buxton has found a solution to this problem.

Note: This was posted in a PureRAW 2 thread but should also work for Photolab 6.3.1.

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Nvidia provide 2 types of driver, their game driver and a “Studio” driver. The studio driver is optimised for applications like Photoshop and DXO PhotoLab. I always advice Studio, unless you are a gamer.

Oh, thanks a lot! I didn’t know! I will see if there’s a recent studio driver to install instead. I should be able to use system restore to uninstall the game ready driver.

yes, first thing after testing a little.

Hi @IanS and @jenklo , Apparently it doesn’t really matter as according to this post:

in This Thread there is no real difference between the two types other than their respective release schedules. Game ready is faster but Studio does catch up. The Game-ready drivers already contain the previous updates that the Studio drivers are just now getting. So, keep your Game-ready diver @jenklo as long as it’s the latest one available.

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Ah. No. The only difference in the ‘studio’ and ‘gamer’ version is the theoretical amount of testing/experience with any specific dot-release of a driver.

A release of gamer driver version 123.45 is exactly the same as a release of studio driver version 123.45.

The background idea is that a “more tested” version (and more often lagging the most recent by a few weeks) will be more stable than a freshly-released version and thusly more desirable to those who make money with their video cards, say in a photo or video studio.

Nvidia has never proven their logic or testing behind these distinctions.

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I have never had any problems with any of Nvidia’s game-ready drivers. I am not a gamer(I only use my graphics card for photo processing) but I always update as soon as the “Diver update available” pops up on my screen.


Count me in the “no problems ever with the game-ready” drivers club.

I am a gamer too, but really… I have never had problems with these drivers and photographic software too.

No reason for me to use the “studio” drivers.