***DxO PhotoLab Early Access program is starting for 2021-2022! (All information to apply inside)***

Claudio, by posting here, now everyone can see your personal details. Please read the above instructions again, delete your post here and send your details by direct message to @CaptainPO.

Why not make this post unanswerable, so nobody has a chance to make the same faillure


Then something worse will happen. :rofl:


:roll_eyes: :point_up: :zipper_mouth_face: :flushed: :rofl: :exploding_head:

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One possible reason that this keeps happening could be because the topic is written in English which may confuse some non-native speakers.

Perhaps DxO should consider also providing French, German, Dutch, and Italian translations using DeepL for threads in which they’re asking for a response.



Here is a link to prepare for a new message to @CaptainPO:

:point_right:t4: Message to CaptainPO for Early access program application :point_left:t4:

Remark: If the link do not work, try to copy paste this code into your browser:


PS: I found the idea here.
Maybe we can find more use for this kind of messages per link (ask lens support, create help ticket, etc… ). I am sure we can do the same to create new topics on the forum.


Excellent work! Now, if we could get @CaptainPO to adopt this template… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Link from my previous message updated.
Can you please have a look and notify me if there is any issue ?
Thanks, and a great weekend to you all.

I have “filled in” your linked DM and sent it to you instead of the captain.

It looks good to me :ok_hand:

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Merci !

Now the Captain should get tons of applications :sweat_smile: :crossed_fingers:t4:

This is a truly great idea that should mean that the Captain can just post a message including that link and then lock the thread.

Except that…

But this part:

should be covered now with the link… “Just clic this link to apply” (or copy the link to your browser to start your application to the beta program).

The first post can now be reduced to the minimum.

Ah yes. You mean questions like “here is my information, is this alright?” :crazy_face:

:joy: :rofl: :sweat_smile:
Sorry but… then… we HAVE TO laugh if it happens again, or maybe not
:man_facepalming:t4: :woman_facepalming:t4:

Thanks for the useful posts from some about HOW to send a personal message. Except if I click on the Captain’s icon, I don’t have a message button.

Hi CaptainPO

I don’t have the “Message” button when clicking an your avatar and if I try the link provided further down I get the following error:

How to fix this?

Best regards

Unfortunately I haven’t found a way to send a direct message.

This is what I see when I try to DM @CaptainPO to sign up? No message bar.

I don’t have the “message” button to apply.

Can anybody help me ?


Hello I am unclear of how to send a direct message to an individual? Could you please let me know how? Thank you, CH