DXO PhotoLab 6 running impossibly slowly on MacBook Pro

I store my fotos in a folder hierachie like year → month → day → raw
Beeing a hobby photographer I mostly stay below 500 raws in a day raw folder.
I never used a project in DxO. Additionally I never had performace problems ( I don’t care if deep prime takes 30s oder 2 min - will have a coffee then).

Most certainly yes, but the advice given to persons with that sane problem, This advice was the standard advice since PL 3. Unfortunately I suffered a major medical emergency on 05/03/2023, this event kept me out of the loop until just a couple of months ago. I was simply giving the same advice That I had given since PL 3… Still you are correct in that this advice was aimed at people with old or machines that are low on the specifications ladder, though, as we’ve seen in thread, that adviice is no longer necessary.

BTW my machine had high-medium specs when I bought it, These specs don’t hold up today but it still holds it’s own 4 years later,