DxO must believe I am the most capable linguist ever

So far today, I’ve received 11 emails from DxO trumpeting the 20th birthday celebration and discount offers.

Those 11 emails have been delivered in every language except my native English.

Now, I speak/read/write passable French, German, and Russian. But beyond that, well, I"m lost.

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ya seem to be a different language every time =/
new email pops up every few minutes apart.

No unsubscribe link that I could see either. I unsubscribed at the website. I might turn it back on when the overexcited intern has finished pressing the send button.


@galexa Scroll to the bottom of each email, some of them do have an unsubscribe link (but weirdly, not all the emails do).

I actually had two emails accounts registered so I was getting A LOT of messages! One account has now been unsubscribed.

No links at the bottom of the ones I looked at but it turns out that unsubscribing doesn’t stop them. Somebody set up a batch job badly I guess.

I unsubscribed at the website and changed my account email address but they are still arriving at the old address.

This raises the question why I should care more about their offer than they care about our feature requests? Just asking an open question. :crazy_face: :grin:

Now I an geing multiple emails in English some must be pleased with themselves to have worked the right language so making sure I know that now

Marketing is as good as programing

Except the programmers don’t hammer out 3 e-mails per language. On the other side… you’re right, I think :smirk:

I think they’re drunk and we’ll have to wait the party is over.

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If only my Englis ones stoped at 3 its 10 or more and still comming!

I too am still receiving messages to the email account I unsubscribed.

This is in eula : you can’t unsubscribe and must stay connected to internet ! :clown_face:

After the 15th message, I finally received one in reasonably good English (en-US).

Now I’ve received four of them ;-).