DxO is shortsighted wrt phone camera support

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analizing and analyzing are two very different things for DxO to be doing. :innocent:

ok. This is why i’m more a reader than a writter on forums … :slight_smile:


This forum is pushing me to leave DXO frankly. Someone here posts a perfectly reasonable opinion regarding phone support and is questioned in the very first reply. And questioned further by others. I couldn’t read past the first few comments.

Phone support is absolutely important. We all know the benefit of DXO DeepPRIME and how it can substantially improve low light performance with supported raw files.

LR is now challenging DeepPRIME with also excellent noise reduction and I can tell you, if it’s as effective on phone RAWs, they will get people to switch back.

Why do so many people challenge others on their opinions here as if they’re wrong and you’re right?!? I’ve experienced this many times myself here.

It’s really exhausting.

Seriously this forum could be such a better, more welcoming place if we didn’t have to try to show everyone else up and suggest that they don’t know what they’re talking about.

Very disappointing.


of course, yes. I forgot the second photolab kisskool effect (doesn’t know if this expression can mean something to not french people - an old funny ad - in the old french touch style (from the last millennium) - style more appreciated in England than in France I have to admit) - anyway yes, I don’t use Ipad and seeing the images of some apple adds saying cinematographic movies are done with ipad ( … ??? … ), I thought they had solved their noise problem …

I fully understand DXO not supporting phones. So many different makes and models. So many formats.

There’s not that many iPhones and many of them share lenses (exact matches for main camera across iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The lack of phone DNG support really annoys me. It’s DxO thumbing their nose at their most loyal users. Higher in the thread, I demonstrated that when PhotoLab does work on iPhone DNG, the results are spectacular.


Yes, but Apple brings a new version out each year. As for Android phones…?

For me please read the thread above, phones build lenses corrections into there DNG etc. and its just reading the DNG we are asking for to use at least the same PL corrections as the jpg from the same phones we can already use but not there DNGs. Great if DxO did phone profiles but that would be a different request to what is being asked for here. Great also to be able to use Prime etc. but the main thing is to not have DNG blocked by DXO.


Do you use the Moment app or something else to shoot in RAW?

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lightroom mobile

The long and the short of it is that pretty much ALL of the competing platforms out there handle iPhone HEIC and RAW formats. DXO is way behind and risks losing existing customers as well as newer photographers using the excellent optics on their 42 megapixel iPhones. More and more of us are using both our digital SLRs and phone cameras. DXO is an excellent platform and it is frustrating for us to have to use workarounds due to the lack of support. DXOs lack of addressing this issue for years is troublesome to me.


When people ask me what the best camera is, I tell them it’s the one you have with you.


We’ve been asking for this for years. No sign of it actually happening, despite some ‘in progress’ replies from the team.

As you say, at least half my photos are done via phone, especially in the years since I got a Pixel 3a (now Pixel 6), and I stopped upgrading after PL4 as a direct result of the lack of support.

Looking, it was June 2018 that support for generic Android DNG files was promised. Virtually five years later, we’re still waiting.


RAW files from Samsung phones are excellent. The worst is that some of the cameras unsupported by Photolab can be processed by Photolab … if you trick the file EXIF into a supported model. See

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How is that relevant?

Using PL on jpegs has no upside. PL main strength is optical correction. Otherwise, it is just another so-so post processor that’s way below Photoshop in capability.

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Some just continue to deny that cell phones can actually capture actual raw files.

Reality is it doesn’t matter as you say. Whether it’s been augmented by extra camera tricks doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be able to edit it with my preferred editing software that I paid real money for.

Just have to ignore the deflection from the issues that seems to happen a lot here.


Cell phones do capture actual RAW files. Even though the sensors on cell phones are much smaller than those on larger cameras, it would be nice to be able to process them in DXO and make the resulting photos as good as possible, and not just be stuck with the (overly) processed JPGs that the phone produces. Apple and Samsung together account for over 85% of all cell phone sales (at least in the US). So if DXO could process RAW files from just those two brands, on an ongoing basis, that would be a good start.