DxO and Infrared Photography

I found a YouTube video this morning about DxO having added features to PhotoLab 7 for infrared photography. I used to work at this kind of photography, but it mostly required going to Photoshop to swap channels. This worked, but was a pain, and then when I got the image back into PhotoLab, I was back to editing as usual (but with strange looking color images. Black&White made things easier, and often seemed more powerful than my color images.

I need to buy the new PhotoLab 8 when it comes out. No point in buying PL7 right before the new release is likely to be available. I’ve got my Leica M8.2 camera that lacks the anti-infrared filter built into almost all new cameras, which makes the old Leica not that good for certain types of photos, but is perfect for shooting with a deep-red filter such that my images are captured by infrared light. Sadly, my newer Leica has that built-in filter, but my old M8.2 is perfect for infrared photography. Unfortunately, my old Leica has a crop-sensor as Leica hadn’t yet figured out how to work properly with a full-size sensor. The newer Leica cameras solved this issue, but because they all have a built-in anti-IR filter, that makes them a poor choice for infrared photography.

I still have my old infrared photos from several years ago, and when PL8 comes out (or when DxO has their yearly “Black Friday Sale”) I plan to update.

The video is fascinating - it’s a step-by-step instructional video of what to do, and how to do it. The very end of the video I found fascinating.

Here’s the video:

Swapping Channels, sort of…

I wish I could add this feature to PhotoLab 6.

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