Dumb Question

New to PL4. browsing through some of my folders I see little checkmarks on the bottom right indicating a fully processed image. In one case I use the export to disk, select the tiff option & send back to original folder. All is well,

My problem is that there are several raw images (NEF, RW2) also check marked. How does this happen when not using the export function? I’ve done something but can’t figure it out.

Any help is appreciated.

Good morning @MikeArm and welcome to the forum,

Well, the tick “processed/done” is always displayed on the original images and not the outputs. So in case you processed NEF to Tiff -> exactly NEF file will be marked as processed.

As for tis one:

  • Mouse over the tick and se what is displayed in the pop-up. If it’s ‘done’ then you can right click on the image and see if there is an output from your image:

Svetlana G.

That might be the case on Windows but there is no such flyover hint on Mac.

@StevenL yet another small difference to add to your collection :wink:


The flyover on Mac shows the status, here “Processed”

The right-click menu shows “output files in Finder”

Granted, it doesn’t show the actual output file names, which would be nice to have.

Thanks all for responses. The fly over matches the check mark.

I guess I’m not stating things clearly. Let’s start again.

I have a raw file - I make some adjustments and I’m done. I don’t export anywhere. How can I mark the image as “processed”. What exactly does “processed” mean?

Thanks, again.

If you right click on the image you can set a tag (picked / untagged / rejected). I’d suggest using the green ‘picked’ tag. You can filter using the tags too. But you can’t manually set a ‘processed’ tag.


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Many thanks. I told you it was a dumb question. LOL.