DPL 6.1 Issue(s) and Proposals (Mac)

I get the following loading error:

Conditions: WCS = DxO Wide Gamut (message reacts consistently to WCS change)
Show OOG icon = checked (message reacts consistently to OOG on/off)
ICC-Profile = Any CMYK profile (no error message with RGB profile(s))

Note: I reloaded an old database backup and the bug was gone. The DB that produced the bug was new and the bug happened during the first use of the updated app. :man_shrugging:

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Search functionality:

  • I have 190 images with a keyword “LensTagger”
  • DPL finds the images if I search for lens (case does not matter)
  • DPL does not find the images if I search for tagger (case does not matter)
Im Bereich Soft-Proofing wurde ein neuer Schieberegler zum Schutz 
gesättigter Farben hinzugefßgt (Dieser zusätzliche Schieberegler hilft 
Ihnen, gesättigte Farben im Soft-Proofing zu schßtzen, wenn Sie ein 
ICC- Anzeigeprofil mit einem kleineren Farbraum verwenden.)

The new slider does not seem to change the big preview or the histogram at all.

This is a proposal for the following feature:

Optimierung der Benutzeroberfläche im Filtermenß 
(neue Reihenfolge und Symbole)

Put the “soft proofing” items next to the WCS items. They are closely related and should therefore be neighbors.

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(ie. On the “Color” tab) … Yes !

Also, clarify/correct the order of the Soft Proofing options … For example;

  • “Intent” has no impact at all on the “rendering intent” as is applied to the result we see on-screen (that’s handled, instead, by the Protect Saturated Colors Algorithm - - albeit, similarly)
    – I assume it will apply when the Simulate Paper & Ink option is launched (?)

John M

Out of interest, does it work if you use a wildcard character, e.g. *tagger ?

@platypus and @danielfrimley has it ever found then before? I wrote a boring account of how keywords are stored in the DxPL(Win) SQL database, i.e. they are all flattened and stored in ‘Keywords’

I added “Leonardslee Gardens” to 286 images but there will be a single entry in ‘Keywords’ and that is where the DxPL search will take place using the one of the three indexes (the first or last)

To undertake the search you want then DxPL would need to access every entry in ‘Keywords’ and look for the string presented in your search in the Keyword(value) or Keywords(NormalizedValue) for my example looking for “Gardens” would actually be very quick but … I haven’t got many keywords assigned!!

What indexing actually does I am nor sure but doesn’t change the database, at least not ‘Keywords’ and doesn’t change the outcome of a search for “Gardens”!


But it works if I add the fields to the IPTC data


even a search on “slee” works


The data is held in the ‘Iptc’ structure

there is no index that is of use with so many fields stored in this structure so DxPL goes a “searching” and that same strategy could be applied to the ‘Keywords’ structure (for the next release would be good @DxO_Support-Team)!?

Today, I found more issues:

In DPL5, all palettes have their keyboard shortcut:

In DPL 6.1 some of these shortcuts have been lost:

The “Volume Deformation” tool is visible in DPL, even if ViewPoint is absent.
If the tool is meant to be a part of the perspective correction, it should be made available (now, it’s just visible but unusable)


(reaction on your first post in this thread / loading error/ Fehler beim laden).
A bit late to this party, but this is exactly the message I get when trying to load any Hahnemühle Fine Art .icc paper profile…but only if Rendering Intent is set to Relative…no problems with Perceptual.
I have to think how this works and (especially) why this works this way…